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Nantong Shengyin Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd.
Nantong Shengyin Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd.
 Nantong Shengyin Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. It is a physical manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of protective equipment.
As a Professional China 10 Pin Terry Anti Cutting Nitrile 3/4 Dipped Gloves Manufacturers and 10 Guage Terry Nitrile 3/4 Dipped Gloves Suppliers, Shengyin has continuously improved to provide better safety protection for new and old users. The company has a professional research and development team and advanced production equipment, with 18 needles and 21 needles. Mainly produces cutting for noncutting and functional products. At present, the products include the cotton yarn series, anti-cutting series, anti-collision series, nylon series, high-temperature series, and terry series...
Since its establishment, the company has been driven by innovation and technology, continuously creating better brand experiences and product value for new and old users.
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10 Guage Terry Nitrile 3/4 Dipped Gloves Industry knowledge
1.Understanding the Significance of 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves
In various industrial and manual labor environments, the importance of safety gloves cannot be overstated. Among the myriad options available, 10 Pin Terry Nitrile 3/4 Dipped Gloves stand out for their exceptional durability, dexterity, and protection. These gloves are designed to offer a high level of resistance to abrasions, cuts, punctures, and chemicals, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
The "10 Pin" designation refers to the knitting technique used in the construction of the gloves, which involves a finer gauge knit for increased flexibility and comfort without compromising on strength. The "Terry" aspect of the gloves refers to the looped pile construction, which enhances their ability to absorb moisture and provide cushioning. Additionally, the "3/4 Dipped" feature means that three-quarters of the glove is coated in nitrile, a synthetic rubber known for its excellent grip and resistance to oils and solvents.
10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves are engineered to withstand the rigors of demanding work environments while providing maximum protection and comfort to the wearer. The combination of innovative design elements and quality materials makes these gloves a trusted choice for professionals across various industries.
With their superior resistance to abrasions, cuts, and punctures, 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves offer peace of mind to workers performing tasks that expose them to sharp objects, rough surfaces, and potential hazards. The nitrile coating provides a protective barrier against chemicals, oils, and solvents, safeguarding the skin from irritants and corrosive substances.
The flexible and ergonomic design of these gloves ensures optimal dexterity, allowing wearers to manipulate tools and equipment with precision and ease. Whether handling delicate components in a manufacturing setting or operating heavy machinery on a construction site, workers can rely on the tactile sensitivity and grip provided by 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves to execute tasks safely and efficiently.

2.Key Features and Benefits
Enhanced Grip: The nitrile coating on 10 Pin Terry gloves provides a superior grip that remains consistent even in wet or oily conditions. This feature is crucial for tasks that require handling slippery objects, operating machinery, or working with lubricants. The textured surface of the nitrile coating enhances friction and prevents slippage, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.
Abrasion Resistance: One of the standout features of 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves is their exceptional resistance to abrasions. The durable construction and high-quality materials ensure that these gloves can withstand prolonged exposure to rough surfaces, sharp edges, and abrasive materials without compromising their integrity. Workers engaged in tasks such as construction, woodworking, metal fabrication, and assembly can rely on the superior protection offered by these gloves to minimize the risk of cuts, scrapes, and abrasions.
Comfort and Flexibility: Despite their robust nature, 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves are designed with wearer comfort in mind. The terry knit construction not only enhances moisture absorption but also provides a soft and cushioned feel against the skin. The gloves conform to the natural contours of the hand, allowing for unrestricted movement and flexibility. Whether gripping tools, handling materials, or performing intricate tasks, workers can enjoy maximum comfort and dexterity without sacrificing protection.
Chemical Resistance: Nitrile is well-known for its exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemicals, oils, and solvents. The 3/4 dipped nitrile coating on these gloves forms a reliable barrier that protects the skin from exposure to hazardous substances. Workers in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, janitorial services, and healthcare can confidently handle chemical cleaners, oils, and other potentially harmful liquids without compromising their safety or risking skin irritation.
Versatility: The versatility of 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves makes them indispensable across a variety of industries and applications. From construction sites to manufacturing plants, automotive workshops to laboratories, these gloves find widespread use wherever hand protection is paramount. Whether handling sharp objects, operating machinery, or working with chemicals, workers can trust in the durability, dexterity, and reliability of 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves to get the job done safely and effectively.

3.Applications and Considerations for Implementation
The versatility and durability of 10 Pin Terry Nitrile 3/4 Dipped Gloves make them suitable for a multitude of applications across diverse industries. Understanding the specific needs and hazards of each environment is crucial for implementing these gloves effectively and ensuring maximum safety and productivity.
Construction: In the construction industry, workers are exposed to various hazards, including sharp objects, abrasive surfaces, and heavy machinery. 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves provide the necessary protection against cuts, abrasions, and punctures, allowing workers to handle materials, operate power tools, and perform intricate tasks with confidence and precision. The enhanced grip and flexibility of these gloves make them indispensable for construction workers engaged in framing, roofing, concrete work, and general construction activities.
Automotive: Automotive technicians and mechanics often encounter oily and greasy surfaces while performing maintenance and repair tasks. 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves offer superior resistance to oils, lubricants, and automotive fluids, ensuring a secure grip and optimal protection against skin irritation and contamination. Whether changing oil, replacing brake pads, or conducting engine repairs, mechanics can rely on the durability and dexterity of these gloves to maintain safety and efficiency in the workshop.
Manufacturing: In manufacturing facilities, workers are exposed to a variety of hazards, including sharp edges, mechanical equipment, and chemical substances. 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves provide comprehensive hand protection against cuts, abrasions, and chemical exposure, enabling workers to handle raw materials, operate machinery, and assemble products with confidence and precision. The flexibility and tactile sensitivity of these gloves make them ideal for precision tasks that require fine motor skills and attention to detail.
Janitorial Services: Janitorial professionals encounter a wide range of cleaning chemicals and solutions while performing routine maintenance and sanitation tasks. 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves offer reliable protection against chemical exposure, allowing janitors to handle cleaning agents, disinfectants, and solvents without risking skin irritation or injury. The comfortable and flexible design of these gloves ensures maximum dexterity and comfort during extended use, enhancing productivity and safety in commercial and residential cleaning environments.
When implementing 10 Pin Terry Nitrile Gloves in the workplace, it is essential to provide proper training on glove usage, maintenance, and disposal procedures. Workers should be educated on the specific hazards they may encounter and instructed on the proper selection and fit of gloves for their tasks. Regular inspections and replacements of gloves are necessary to ensure ongoing compliance with safety standards and to mitigate the risk of glove degradation or failure.