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Nantong Shengyin Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd.
Nantong Shengyin Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd.
 Nantong Shengyin Safety Protection Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. It is a physical manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of protective equipment.
As a Professional China 13 Pin Anti Cutting Nitrile Gloves Manufacturers and 13 Guage Nitrile Gloves Suppliers, Shengyin has continuously improved to provide better safety protection for new and old users. The company has a professional research and development team and advanced production equipment, with 18 needles and 21 needles. Mainly produces cutting for noncutting and functional products. At present, the products include the cotton yarn series, anti-cutting series, anti-collision series, nylon series, high-temperature series, and terry series...
Since its establishment, the company has been driven by innovation and technology, continuously creating better brand experiences and product value for new and old users.
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13 Guage Nitrile Gloves Industry knowledge
1.What Makes 13 Pin Nitrile Gloves Stand Out?
In the realm of hand protection, 13 Pin Nitrile Gloves have garnered attention and acclaim for their exceptional attributes and performance across various industries. These gloves stand out primarily due to their unique construction and material composition, which are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern workplaces.
The 13-pin knitting technique employed in the production of these gloves results in a denser and more durable fabric compared to gloves with lower pin counts. This tighter knit enhances the gloves' resistance to tears, punctures, and abrasions, making them well-suited for tasks that involve handling sharp or rough objects. Additionally, the snug fit provided by the 13-pin design ensures optimal dexterity and tactile sensitivity, allowing users to perform intricate tasks with precision and ease.
One of the defining features of 13 Pin Nitrile Gloves is the incorporation of nitrile in their composition. Nitrile is a synthetic rubber compound known for its exceptional resistance to oils, chemicals, and solvents. By coating the gloves with nitrile, manufacturers impart a protective barrier that shields the wearer's hands from a wide range of hazardous substances. This chemical resistance makes 13 Pin Nitrile Gloves indispensable in industries such as automotive maintenance, manufacturing, janitorial services, and healthcare, where exposure to harmful chemicals is a prevalent occupational hazard.
Furthermore, the nitrile coating enhances the gloves' grip, even in wet or oily conditions, thereby reducing the risk of accidental slips or mishaps. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments where secure handling of tools and equipment is crucial for safety and productivity.

2.The Distinctive Design and Material Advantages of 13 Pin Nitrile Gloves
The distinctive design and choice of materials in 13 Pin Nitrile Gloves offer several advantages that set them apart from conventional hand protection options. The 13-pin knitting pattern, characterized by its fine gauge and intricate construction, results in gloves that strike a delicate balance between durability and flexibility.
The finer pin count allows for a closer fit to the hand, eliminating excess material and minimizing bulkiness without compromising protection. This close fit ensures that the gloves conform snugly to the contours of the wearer's hands, providing maximum dexterity and maneuverability. As a result, users can perform tasks with precision and accuracy, even when handling small or delicate objects.
Moreover, the nitrile coating applied to the gloves enhances their resistance to punctures, cuts, and abrasions, making them durable and long-lasting. Unlike gloves made from natural rubber or latex, which may degrade or break down when exposed to oils, chemicals, or solvents, 13 Pin Nitrile Gloves remain resilient and intact, even in the most demanding work environments.
Additionally, the nitrile coating offers superior grip properties, ensuring that users maintain a secure hold on tools, equipment, and materials, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Whether working in wet, oily, or dry conditions, wearers can rely on the enhanced grip provided by these gloves to perform tasks safely and efficiently.

3.The Versatility and Future Applications of 13 Pin Nitrile Gloves
The versatility of 13 Pin Nitrile Gloves extends beyond traditional industrial settings, encompassing a diverse range of applications and industries where hand protection is paramount. From automotive repair shops and construction sites to laboratories and food processing facilities, these gloves offer reliable protection against a variety of occupational hazards.
In healthcare settings, 13 Pin Nitrile Gloves are widely used by medical professionals and first responders to protect against exposure to bloodborne pathogens, infectious diseases, and hazardous chemicals. The gloves' chemical resistance and barrier properties make them an essential component of infection control protocols and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, helping to safeguard the health and safety of both patients and healthcare workers.
Looking ahead, the future of 13 Pin Nitrile Gloves holds promise for continued innovation and advancement. As industries evolve and new challenges emerge, there is a growing demand for hand protection solutions that offer enhanced comfort, durability, and performance. Manufacturers are exploring novel materials, coatings, and manufacturing techniques to develop gloves that meet the evolving needs of modern workplaces while adhering to stringent safety and regulatory standards.